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How To Select a Sofa

Sofa shopping for most is a dreaded process - strike that, fun process!

How deep should it be, what color will hold-up, how many seat cushions, and the list goes on.

These are questions I am asked by my clients all too often. So let's talk,

What is important in selecting a sofa?

A sofa is an investment and will last you a lot of years when you select one that is constructed well.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you make your next purchase.

Q1 - Construction - How is is made and who is it made by?

The way it is made and crafted is critical to longevity. Be certain to shop from quality stores with quality reputation.

Q2 - How deep should the "sit" be?

The seat depth is a personal preference and should fit your style. If you're taller, you will most likely prefer a deep seat cushion to accommodate your legs.

Q3 - How do I know how soft or firm the cushions should be?

This too is based on personal preference. If you like a soft cushion, then choose a feather soft upgrade that is available in most custom sofas.

Q4 - What about the back cushion?

Let me ask you...Which do you prefer? Do you like a tailored tight back or a loose back pillow?

Q5 - Should a sofa have extra details for a more "finished" look?

Depends on your personal style or the style of the room that you are looking to accomplish. Sofa style can range from sleek to modern and everything inbetween.

Q6 -How do I know what color I should pick for my sofa?

You can customize your style of sofa, you pick the fabric, leg style, back and arms. All can be tailored to match the decor in your room.

See options and get inspiration at two of my favorite stores - Rowe Furniture and Norwalk Furniture.

Selecting a sofa to fit your style, decor and budget can be an overwhelming process. Let us know if we can book an appt for you to create your custom sofa.

Happy sofa shopping!!

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