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Our Design Process


Congratulations on deciding to invest in  your home!

Whether building new construction, or designing an existing home, we pride ourselves on our effortless step-by-step process. We take our clients from first inquiry all the way to final installation. 

Regardless of the design package you choose, we always follow the same formula for delivering the design. It's our tried and true method for efficiently taking you from A to B with no fuss. 

We keep your design and our process simple, so that you can enjoy the experience! 




Step 1

Book a call with Chrysan McCoin

Begin the process of transforming your space with a complimentary discovery call with Chrysan Interiors. 


Step 2

Select a 60 minute in-home design assessment

Get all of your design questions answered by Chrysan during this in-person brainstorming session. We'll use this time to discover any pain points, start dreaming and scheming about your new space and identify a game plan to make it all happen. 

This is also where we discuss potential "special spaces" in your home- a signature part of every Chrysan Interiors project. 


Step 3

Choose your Luxury Design Service

After your in-Home Design Assessment, you can choose to move forward with the right luxury design service that is perfectly suited to your project's needs. 



We can redesign your room or entire home at a distance.  After you complete an initial questionnaire to learn about your spaces, style, time line and budget, we get to work designing a plan for you.

When will collaborate on the items you like, your style and once the design is complete we will share over a call. Then, the emailed design plan with links to place all of your orders will be provided for you to get started. 


Tweaks can be made to arrive at your finished design. You can order at your leisure.  When everything is ready, we help you step-by-step to implement the design for an additional fee. 

This service is billed by the space. 



Full Service Interior Design

This is the full design service. Design board, selections, ordering, install. We meet with you to understand your goals and your project. We work to create a design concept and collaborate on budget, style and goals for your home. 

We help to envision the desired home and goal while creating a full mood board design concept. Then, procure items to be ordered and delivered. We handle the logistics for you and oversee the delivery and installation of everything.

This service is billed by the project scope and hourly. There is a minimum of one full room and 15 hours for this service. 


Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 10.52.46 AM.png

New Construction Selections

If you have your, home plan and are ready to build, we are here to help you with the many selection choices you'll need to make.  Let us help with the cohesive plan for the whole home and many details. 

We will attend builder, architect and vendor meetings as needed to help keep you in budget and create a cohesive design. 

This service is billed by the square foot and scope of work. 


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