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3 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Springtime is here and it's about that time for some spring cleaning and sprucing up of the home. You can bring spring into your home by adding color! A few lovely spring colors such as coral, turquoise, and different shades of blue are a sure way to go. These are not the only colors that compliment the season, so don't feel limited or afraid to explore your options.

Let's get started with three ways to add color to your home.

1. Paint a piece of furniture. Sounds easy enough, right? Consider painting a bookshelf or an end table. Make it a bold color or create an accent color for the room. You'll have a refreshed piece of furniture that really makes the room POP!


2. Accessorize your home. You hear about accessories all the time, but have you ever really considered accessorizing your home? You can shop for new vases, photo frames, pillows, or simply spruce up the ones you already own.


3. Add flowers! Bright, beautiful flowers will look great on both the inside and outside of your home. Flowers add life to a home and can communicate growth. If they're inside, put them in a pretty vase and watch them light up the room. You can also plant them outside. They will help your home become more inviting and welcome guests.


Bonus tip: Do you like stripes and polka dots? Add them into the mix for a little more springtime flavor!

Have fun and don't be afraid to play with options!

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