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 I am an interior designer, that loves simplicity with elegance and a little character.

I have a  passion for working with my clients creating spaces that they love to come home to.  Your home should reflect your personal style,  give you peace, create a restful feeling and of course be beautiful to you. I believe that a home should be a true reflection of it's inhabitants, a sanctuary whose story will unfold alongside its owners. 


 With many years of experience,  I  take a comprehensive approach to helping my clients create their story. Whether building new construction, selecting all of the finishes or finishing an existing space we will work together and select the vital elements that make your home unique to you.  I am a lover of old things mixed with new to create your story of simplicity and luxury.

To create a house of rest, I have found that too many things in the home can create a feeling of unrest and not be peaceful. Placing things in a way in your home can change a feeling in an instant. My focus is designing a home of simplicity, elegance and less is definitely more.


 A few years ago we simplified, sold a bunch of our unneeded belongings, our large home with too many spaces and downsized to a unique home with tuns of character.  The home is quiet, simple and makes you ask ourselves- "do we really need this"? What purpose do your things have? Some are just clutter and create mental confusion and unrest. 


If that resonates with you and you want a house of rest and simplicity, I am your designer. The result is a very purposeful design and a home that follows simplicy with elegance and will be your safe haven, respite and place you can feel peaceful and nourished in.


The magic happens when we work together to put your desires and vision into a plan that can be executed.  

Let's create your special home, I can't wait to meet you!


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