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What is Interior Design Consulting?

Design Consulting is a hands-on hybrid of interior design and one-on-one guidance to help you select items for your home. 


With so many home shows now on "How To's" my clients want a little guidance but don't have the time to learn the trade secrets and tricks. I will guide you through your design purchases. You click on the links and I guide you on the install. 

Your new space, your personality within your budget. 

                                        Brilliant-let's get started!  Schedule an intro call and let's chat!

Interior Design

Interior Design Session

Get ready this session is jam packed to help you overcome your design challenges. 

Create that space that brings you joy and nourishes you. 

Our session is a type of design consultation created to help anyone get past those design hang-ups that seem so small, but take-up such a large amount of energy trying to figure out. Partnering with a design consultant can help guide you through those common challenges that you face while designing your home. 

Things like picking paint colors for your main floor, choosing flooring that's right for the space, where to shop or finding the happy middle ground between your design style and your spouse's are just a few of the things we can do with our time during this 90 minute session. This service is different from a typical basic is a highly productive design session aimed at helping you find direction and make decisions that you can implement right away.  Get all of your design questions answered right there on the spot. This can be a seeeion in person or virtual. 


Here's how it works

step 1

Before the Session

It all starts with a quick discovery phone call to understand your needs. Then to make the most of our session, go ahead and make yourself a Board on Pinterest to choose your style and what pictures you like that inspire you. When we get together I will use this as a springboard for our session along with your goals for the session



During Our Session

On the day of our session in your home or online we will get down to business!

We will learn about you and your desires and look at your inspiration pictures. We will measure, make immediate suggestions for your space including paint, furnishings, lighting, drapery and you will have links to order and a list of where to shop. Get ready it will be jam packed and you will want to take notes. 

step 3

Beyond the Consultation

Doesn't progress feel great? Our goal by the end our your session you should have a check list and plan to execute and move forward. You will have 30 minutes of additional time to solidify your selections. This is via phone or through text, just to help you confirm your decisions and if anything has changed since we met. 

Through this process you will gain valuable insight that you can, hopefully apply to other areas of your home. 

Ready to get started?  Click to schedule your design consulting session- don't wait!

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