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consulting design process






Schedule your 15 minute phone consult and we will discuss your home desires and goals. We will then determine if we want to work together and schedule your "in-home" discovery session. 


Discovery Session


Once you select the room(s) you want to start on we will meet in person, in your home to fill out the contract, collect deposit and start your discovery session. 

(This appointment is typically 2 hours.)


After we meet


We will create a "Private Pinterest Board" for your project. Start pinning your inspiration photos, photos of your current project, furnishings that you want to include, and any comments in the comment section that you think are important. 


Pin, Pin, Pin



We will work collaboratevely pinning items for your project to your private pinterest board. I will be researching items, styling and adding specific details for your custom space, making 

suggestions for every piece needed  for your room. We will comment back and forth on likes and dislikes.


(This typically takes 2 weeks)




Final Selections 



This is your final one hour phone session to make the final choices of what you will order for your room. We will talk through any gaps, questions or wonderings. You will then place your orders from the links I have provided on your private Pin Board. As your furnishings arrive you will feel confident in how to install them. 


You now have a customized designer plan for your new space. 




Add it on

Vision Board 


For those who like a complete design board with pictures, ordering links, pricing and vendors, this can be added for a flat fee of $200. These boards take many hours to create but provide a great vision for the finished product. 



Ready to get started?  Let's get that room done!

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