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How to make your bed, like luxury!

Do you ever wonder how those beautiful beds are made in the magazines? Well, here are some tips to making your bedding look and feel like the fancy hotels. And yes, I am a bedding snob and believe in all of those pillows.

Components to include in your bedding pieces.

Step 1: Sheets

Yes, soft high thread count sheets matter and feel so nice when you crawl into them. I love white sheets because they match everything and I can change my comforters and they will still match. I recommend that you have two sets, one that is in the wash and one that is on the bed. Recently I have tried sheets from Target and Ikea and was very pleased. $59. for a king set with a nice sheen and soft feeling. You may also try HomeGoods-TJ Maxx, they carry designer brands that are sure to please. You will want a fitted, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

Step 2: The Color-Comforter, Duvet or Coverlet

Select a comforter or duvet and a coverlet or blanket. You will want to fill the duvet cover if you choose that with a down filled comforter. Duvet's are great because you can find lots of styles and change them out easily and with a lower cost than a decorative comforterer. The coverlet is a thinner blanket that you will put on top of the sheets for warmer nights or an additional layer for the winter.

Step 3: The Pillows

Pillows, pillows and more pillows! My husband hates all of the layers of pillows and doesn't get why we need so many. I know a lot of your husbands ask the same thing. Because, we like them...that's why! So here's the scoop. You will want two to three sleeping pillows (that match your sheets), those go in first closest to the headboard. Then you want Larger Decorative pillows, like Euro Shams and are great to add a pop of color, those are the large square ones and go on second. Please use three of these for king beds, 2 for queens, and one for twins. Then in front of those you can place two filled shams in whatever other color you want to pull in. You can match the duvet with these if you did not do so with the Euro Shams and then it pulls it all together. So is about 6-7 pillows so far. Then whatever throw pillows for added fun. I have three and change these out often as I get tired of them. Which seems to be often, spring, winter, holiday but that's me and my pillow addiction. See how lovely this looks below with only 10 pillows?

Step 4: It's all about layering the pieces.

First: Put your sheets on and you can grab an additional fitted sheet for the boxspring and cover it and keep that on all of the time. A great way to cover an unsightly boxspring or use a bedskirt. Heres's a trick, put the flat sheet down with the pattern facing down, so that if you want to roll it down you will see the pretty part.

Second: Then put on your coverlet or blanket and pull it all the way up to the headbaord, even with the flat sheet. Then roll/or fold them down about a foot for a nice tailored look. I create a nice roll for my stagings so it looks like a hotel. But again, I am a bedding snob and often get comments on my great bed styling.

Third and Final: The comforter or Decorative Duvet cover. Choose something that brings life to your space with color or even an all white palette is quite lovely. I fold my down filled duvet at the foot of the bed in a tri-fold, much like you fold a letter. This will give a full plush feeling at the foot of the bed and have a very neat appearance and that hotel/luxury look.

In this photo, the front shams match the duvet at the end of the bed for a cohesive look.

Below, I just saw these great pillow covers at Target and you can choose your own letter. And look at the price, Just $15.29. What a deal, you might have to grab three.

Have fun with your "New Bed Making", and message me or comment below if you have any questions!

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