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Are you thinking of selling your home?

It's about to be that time of year where a lot of people are thinking of selling and upgrading. Here are some tips to think about as you prepare your home and how I advise my clients.

De-clutter closets, surfaces and make things look neat and tidy. If you need to rent a Pod, do it. You want to create visual space.

Add flowers, a new door mat and fresh paint to door.

Repaint and freshen up walls and baseboards. It will create the feeling for the buyer that the home was taken care of. No one wants to live in a dirty home. Just sayin'...

Do a little refresh and grab some new throw pillows to liven up that tired sofa, or chairs, or master bedroom.

You will get your money back in kitchen and bathroom updates. Change that carpet in the master bathroom to tile right away so you can enjoy it. (Yes, I have seen carpet in the master bath, yuck).


Who is your buyer? Set the house up to appeal them. Look at what is in the stores as far as decor and stage your home to look like that. Spending a little money will make you money on the offer and will most always get you top dollar quickly. Fix broken things in your home or things that will create anxiety for the buyer. A few items on inspection are expected, lots of expensive items to fix are a deterrent to the buyer and they will pick another well taken care of home over yours.

Remove personal photos. People get very distracted by your photos and miss looking at your house.


Start detaching yourself from the home and now it is a product. Make the product look its best to get top dollar for it.

Do not list your home until it is "REALLY READY" so that you can hit the ground running in a showcase ready style. It will glean you a great offer quickly. Buyers won't see how awesome your house is if you don't show them.

Tidy up the outside and create curb appeal, it does matter even in winter.

Good luck with your home selling and you can always call in a professional for a few hours for that expert eye.

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