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are Essential Oils and why should you have them in your home?

Why I believe in Essential Oils and how they can work for you and your family


 Our beautiful son was  diagnosed with  ADHD and Dyslexia when he was young.  Through research and trial we  experienced benefits with essential oils. We use them for support for anxious feelings, attention, focus and overall health.  We initially started removing  toxic chemicals from our home. Things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes and food dyes.  That started a complete  LIFE CHANGE!!

Their many uses

We use them in our home for wellness support, rejuvenation, health support, peace, attention, focus, sensory challenges, colds, anxious feelings, emotions, grieving, passion, muscle support, fevers, clear breathing, sleeping, household cleaning, removing toxins in our home and calming after a busy day and so much more. 

Want to learn how to incorporate Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) doTERRA  essential oils into your home for the many health benefits? 

Let's schedule your own one-on-one home consult, or have a fun private class in your own home with your favorite friends. 


Great Resources

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Science of Oils

Learn the chemistry behind essential oils and how they work in our bodies. 


Video education to learning more about essential oils. 

How to incorporate essential oils and natural products in your daily life and home.

Safety & Application of oils

How to use doTERRA essential oils safely in your daily life. 


Shop for essential oils and natural products for your home and family.

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