interior design

Can you recall the feelings evoked by a favorite vacation place, intimate cafe or home? The space just “feels good”—but do you know why?

Interior spaces influence us and have the power to ignite the positive emotions we all desire. A well designed home can influence our ability to relax, recharge and create, but it does not have to be hard to do so or expensive. 

What story does your home tell about you? Every home has an emotional temperature and is felt by others upon entering. Feelings, smells things you see are all a part of your homes story. 

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design with me


Many people intuitively know what they like when they see it; however, knowing what you like doesn’t always translate into a beautiful design.

I will help you with the elements of space planning, scale, furnishings, lighting, color and the decision-making process. You can make your own purchases after we've chosen your final selections in your own timing. 


With the proper blend of coaching and inspiration, the finished project will reflect a collaboration of my expertise and your very personal style while bringing you the most value for your time and budget.  


how it works

  • We will meet in your space (for local Atlanta clients, FaceTime for e-clients)

  • Facetime or skype for e-clients to determine your goals and assess what is currently working well and what needs attention.

  • During the meeting I will make suggestions, show you examples and give you relevant tips that you can execute immediately.

  • In this session we will tackle all items for your space. 

  • Should you need further guidance we will work with a tool called Pinterest, where I make a PRIVATE board for you and make suggestions for your space. You will make the final approval for suggestions. Design made easy for you. 

This service is billed by the hour at a rate of $150 an hour.